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Master Builders Solutions® is launching MasterProtect 8500 CI, a new corrosion inhibitor developed by BASF scientists after years of research and tests to enhance and complement the broader refurbishment and repair portfolio for concrete.

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Corrosion Inhibitors can and should be formulated to accommodate specific applications and requirements. BASF offers a variety of different corrosion inhibitor chemical classes to help our customers make tailor-made, high performance products. We specialize in offering innovative products for oilfield applications. GROUP 1

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A one-component polymer-modified, shrinkage- compensated profiling mortar with integral corrosion inhibitor for leveling and resurfacing distressed concrete, interior or exterior. It provides high early strength gain, and resistance to moisture and chloride intrusion. 10-60 and 10-61 Rapid Mortars

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Sep 30, 2019 · MasterProtect 8500 CI: state-of-the-art protection for steel reinforcement. Master Builders Solutions ® is launching MasterProtect 8500 CI, a new corrosion inhibitor developed by BASF scientists after years of research and tests to enhance and complement the broader refurbishment and repair portfolio for concrete.

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The use of highly acidic fluids leads to severe corrosion and BASF offers a wide range of corrosion inhibitors used as parts of formulations that protect metal components in the wellbore or in coiled tubing from the corrosive nature of the fluid. Acidizing corrosion inhibitors must be able to mitigate corrosion in both low carbon alloy steels and high chrome steels, be stable in high acid concentrations and under high reservoir temperatures.

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Enhancing Concrete Workability; ... Surface-Applied Corrosion Inhibitor; Deck Coatings; Wall Coatings . Close. ... More BASF Construction Brands.

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Oct 20, 2020 · The Concrete Corrosion Inhibitors market research offers a skillful and extensive analysis on the current state of the regional and international, targeting on the Concrete Corrosion Inhibitors capability and manufacture measures, producers, prices, import & export, market forecast and Concrete Corrosion Inhibitors consumers, including the unbiased historical data and long-term forecasts.

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Corrosion inhibitors provide the right performance in concrete for mitigating deterioration caused by the aggressive chloride exposure conditions. The result is a more durable concrete mixture with increased service life potential. Inhibits corrosion at its most critical points; Resistance to concrete deterioration caused by corrosion of steel; Extends the service life of reinforced concrete s tructures

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MasterProtect 8000CI Corrosion Inhibitor A surface-applied clear liquid that penetrates concrete and provides an organofunctional molecule to inhibit the electrochemical corrosion process between the rebar and the chloride ions, oxygen and moisture in the concrete.

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Jun 26, 2017 · Organic inhibitors are further classified into two categories, based upon their application: inhibitor admixed concrete and migrating corrosion inhibitors that are applied on the hardened surface of the concrete [10, 19]. Corrosion inhibitors may be a good alternative for repair concrete due to their lower cost and ease of application.

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• Effective in chloride-contaminated and carbonated concrete to significantly slow the rate of corrosion. • Latent-phase corrosion inhibitor activates if concrete cracks, or if moisture penetrates into the concrete, providing extended protection when it is most needed. • Vapor-permeable, to prevent moisture entrapment.

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MasterProtect 8000CI is a surface-applied clear liquid that penetrates concrete and provides an organofunctional molecule to inhibit the electrochemical corrosion process between the rebar and the chloride ions, oxygen and moisture in the concrete.

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24th July 2012. (DUBAI, UAE) — The American University of Sharjah (AUS), a nationally and internationally accredited educational institution in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has conducted a trial to test the effectiveness of corrosion inhibitors used in steel-reinforced concrete in construction. Rheocrete 222+, a combined waterproofer and organic corrosion inhibitor from BASF Construction Chemicals, received top honours.

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Protects structures now and in the future. Surface Applied Corrosion inhibitors are clear liquids that can be sprayed, rolled or brushed onto new or existing concrete structures to protect reinforcing steel from the damaging effects of corrosion. They are commonly used on building facades, balconies, parking structures, pedestrian walks, bridge decks, concrete docks and piers, and supporting elements.

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Corrosion inhibitors are admixtures that either extend the time to corrosion initiation or significantly reduce the corrosion rate of embedded metal, or both, in concrete containing chlorides in excess of the accepted corrosion threshold value for the metal in untreated concrete, as per ACI 222R. There are four common type of corrosion inhibiting admixtures, and […]


Innospec is a global specialty chemicals company with manufacturing plants, research centers and additional facilities in twenty-three countries. The company provides chemicals, additives and formulations for markets including agrochemicals, construction, fuel, home care, metal extraction, oilfield, personal care, and polymers and waxes.

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Calcium Nitrite based admixtures designed to inhibit the corrosion of reinforcing steel in concrete.

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Global Concrete Corrosion Inhibitors Market 2020-2026 | BASF, Sika Group, Mapei, CICO Technologies Limited, Chryso glamresearch August 9, 2020 The global Concrete Corrosion Inhibitors market report is an exhaustive research investigation of this business space that has been anticipated to accumulate exceptionally considerable returns before the ...

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recommend by BASF Construction Chemicals UAE LLC to extend the long-term durability of steel reinforced concrete. These systems are 1. application of zinc rich or cement-based protective primers to the reinforcement, 2. surface applied corrosion inhibitor based on organo-functional silanes, 3.

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Watson Bowman Acme has been designing expansion joints since the industry's conception in the 1950s. Our commitment to quality, service, and reliability, makes us an industry leader, offering world-class solutions for world-class projects.

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Corrosion Inhibitors for concrete fall into two main categories, integral and migratory. Integral (or cast in place) inhibitors are usually based on calcium nitrite are added as an admixture at the batch plant. Migrating (penetrating) inhibitors are based on a variety of different chemicals such as amino alcohols and pure amines.

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Jan 01, 2016 · 14.1. Introduction. A chapter on corrosion inhibitors in a book on concrete admixtures needs three introductory remarks. First, whereas concrete admixtures presented in the other chapters are added in order to improve properties of fresh or hardened concrete, corrosion inhibitors are added to prolong the service life of reinforced concrete, primarily acting at the steel surface.

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the corrosion inhibitor showed no corrosion after 150 days. Table 1: Life Expectancy Prediction Based on the Corrosion of the Steel Rebar in Concrete. Sample Rp ohm.cm2 Corrosion rate, uA/cm2 Life expectancy years Inhibitor A 39,400 0.28 >50 Inhibitor B 28,800 0.39 >50 Soda Ash 7,180 1.56 ~10-12 Control 2,030 5.51 ~5-6

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The portfolio also includes a special range of corrosion inhibitors such as galvanic anodes and surface-applied corrosion inhibitors that are formulated to permeate the concrete and control corrosion directly at the steel reinforcement.

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DCI® S Corrosion inhibitor is a liquid admixture meeting the requirements of ASTM C1582, which is added to concrete during the batching process. Key Benefits Extends the service life of structures in a de-icing salt and marine environment

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Concrete Additives BASF uses its innovative know-how to deliver high performance products to customers in the construction chemicals industry. With its building blocks and additives for concrete admixtures BASF helps its customers meet the increasing requirements of the construction market.

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